FD 78: Claire Willett – Part 2!

The continuation of our conversation with Claire Willett. Liz left us and Daphne and Claire just kept on going. We talk about art, the Black Sails finale, emotional truths, and fandom.
Spoilers for all seasons of Black Sails!

FD 75: Talking Black Sails with Adam Serwer and Jon Steinberg

This week of Fathoms Deep, we are joined by Adam Serwer, staff writer for The Atlantic, and Jon Steinberg, Black Sails show runner and wrangler of pirates. We talk politics, history, Treasure Island, and Jon tells us his parrot head canon.
This episode dedicated to Robert Levine and his gentile encouragement.

FD74: Chatting with Anna-Louise Plowman about Mrs Hudson

This week on Fathoms Deep, we chat with Anna-Louise Plowman about the special space in which Mrs Hudson exists in the story of Black Sails. We talked about a very different face of civilization and how that perspective influences how we experience the world of of the pirates though very different eyes.

FD73: A Chat with Toby Stephens

This week on Fathoms Deep, our Captain was worth the wait. Daphne chats with Toby Stephens about leadership, moments of honesty, being Flint and also being not-Flint since Black Sails has ended. Spoilers for all 4 seasons.

FD72: Black Sails Commentary Track – Episode I

Our very first Black Sails Commentary Track! The ladies watched Black Sails Episode I (1.01) and talked the whole time. There are Spoilers here for all Four Seasons of Black Sails so this is best to have us talk over a rewatch rather than a first watch. We will do commentary tracks for all of the episodes of Black Sails for our Patreon Subscribers – some with fun guests!
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FD71: Daphne visits with Zethu Dlomo in New York

Daphne and Zethu finally met in person when Zethu came to New York for her new film, Mandela’s Gun, to win 3 awards at the Harlem International Film Festival. The recorded in a hotel room audio isn’t great but the conversation is. We discuss Zethu’s two films and of course the last half of Season 4 of Black Sails.

FD 68: Black Sails & Literature with Natasha Simonova

This week on Fathoms Deep, Daphne chats with Natasha Simonova, a Fellow and Lecturer in English Literature at Exeter College, University of Oxford. We discuss the books within the story of Black Sails, other books of the period, and the fact that Thomas Hamilton’s favorite color was absolutely and undoubtably Blue.

FD 66: Fathoms Deep Live with Zach McGowan at Dragon Con

This week on Fathoms Deep, nothing like rum at 11:30am with a Proper Pirate. The ladies went to Dragon Con and Zach spoke to us about who Charles was to him, gave us lessons on how to radio, and many a potential hashtag was born (but no pirate babies) #WhosYourPirateDaddy #EveryoneDoZachMcGowan

FD 65: Fathoms Deep Listener Q&A

This week on Fathoms Deep, we had listeners ask the questions. We discussed what we would do and who we would be in the world of Black Sails, the perfect pirate dinner party, and our amazing experiences podcasting about this beautiful story. Thank you to all of our listeners. Enjoy a peek behind our curtain.