A weekly podcast about superhero comics, movies, and TV shows in which three friends geek out and critically analyze superhero stories with super enthusiasm!

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Excelsior 40: Black Panther

This week, we will talk about heroism, identity, building bridges and the wonderful women of Wakanda in Black Panther!

Excelsior Issue 13: Ms. Marvel Vol. 1

This week, our heroes survive the Terrigen Bomb and hang out in Jersey City with our favorite new hero — and more anthropomorphic bird men — in Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal!

Excelsior Issue 12: Suicide Squad

This week, our heroes are introduced six times over and find themselves adrift in teen culture as they discuss the fascinating disaster that is Suicide Squad!

Excelsior Issue 10: Wonder Woman

This week, our heroes leave their paradise island and venture out into a wider world as they discuss ice cream pride, crossing no man’s land and the missed potential of Doctor Poison!

Excelsior Issue 9: Captain America: Civil War

This week, our heroes pick sides and discuss Captain America: Civil War, why Nat and Wanda should be BFFs, how great Black Panther is, helicopter wrasslin’, and the Sam and Bucky spin-off story we’d like to see.

Excelsior Issue 4: Saga, Vol. 1

This week, our heroes discuss the first volume the epic Saga by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples, as well as depictions of childbirth in fiction, Whedonic dialogue, wooden rocketships and robot sex.

Excelsior Issue 1: Logan

This week, our heroes discuss the latest X-Men film: “Logan,” the R-rated Wolverine story that we never knew we needed.

Excelsior Issue 0: Excelsior!

Sarah, Alastair, and Vinton are finally doing a superhero podcast! They are excited to introduce themselves and their plans in this introductory episode of Excelsior. New episodes drop every Sunday!