An in-depth, spoiler-free look at the narrative and character development of the epic Starz series Black Sails, as well as cast and production interviews.

A weekly podcast about superhero comics, movies, and TV shows. Three friends geek out and critically analyze superhero stories with super enthusiasm!

A joyous, analytical discussion of movies, television, and books that hit that sweet spot between Elizabeth’s and Daphne’s passions every other week.

Elizabeth, Sarah, and Vinton discuss and celebrate every episode of Joss Whedon’s cult hit series Firefly. It’s time to take back the sky!

Elizabeth and Sarah come together and discuss life in all its joy, hilarity, despair, and madness. It’s a lifestyle podcast — kinda?

Every two weeks, Elizabeth and Sarah take two classic Disney villains and hurl them into the gladiatorial arena, and determine which one emerges triumphant!

Elizabeth and Sarah grade every Disney princess according to a ridiculous rubric in order to determine which is the absolute best.

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