Disney Villain Deathmatch

Every two weeks, Elizabeth and Sarah throw two classic Disney villains into the gladiatorial arena, and determine which one emerges triumphant!

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Disney Villain Deathmatch 14: Maleficent vs Scar

It's our last sermi-final round! This week, special guest Lily joins us in this penultimate villain battle. It's Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent versus The Lion King's Scar! Support us on Patreon!

Disney Villain Deathmatch 12: Frollo vs. Maleficent

Which is more evil: a petty attitude or a genocidal maniac? Okay, which is more DISNEY evil? This week, special guest Vinton Bayne joins Elizabeth and Sarah in this battle to the death between Frollo and Maleficent! Support us on...

Disney Villain Deathmatch 11: Captain Hook vs Scar

In our 11th round of Disney Villain Deathmatch, it’s Captain Hook from Peter Pan versus Scar from The Lion King! Is an awesome pirate ship and a desire to murder children enough to secure Hook the win?

Disney Villain Deathmatch 10: Syndrome vs Jafar

In our 10th round of Disney Villain Deathmatch, it's Jafar from Aladdin versus Syndrome from The Incredibles! How will this battle of sorcery and science shake out? Support us on Patreon!

Disney Villain Deathmatch 3: Jafar vs. Callaghan

This week, it’s Jafar from Aladdin pitted against…the bad guy from Big Hero 6! What was his name again? Oh, right: Robert Callaghan. Well that doesn’t seem very villainous. Which big bad ends up the best?