Porch Club

Elizabeth and Sarah come together every week and discuss life in all its joy, hilarity, despair, and madness. It’s a lifestyle podcast — kinda?

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Porch Club 25: All Jens Are Equal (LIVE)

In this month’s live show, Elizabeth and Sarah discuss the end of a long road, champagne and dirty cowboys, long-distance relationships, the miracle of henna, the patron saints of booze and table flipping, and tipsy toasts.

Porch Club 24: Umbrella in a Sh*tstorm

This week, Elizabeth and Sarah discuss how best to survive the absolute worst life throws at you. Topics of conversation: Elizabeth has forgotten how to shower, a GJ Corban naming competition, Sarah makes a moniker mistake, strowborry body botter, and seriously, you guys, hand-written cards are important.

Porch Club 23: Canadian Shirley Temple

In this special episode of Porch Club, Elizabeth and Sarah are joined by Lily for a discussion of mental health, mall embarrassment, bad nicknames and amazing women.

Porch Club 21: Safe Sex Segue

Elizabeth and Sarah talk fashion, style, and personal aesthetic. Also, they go on a five-minute tirade about safe sex, which was unanticipated.

Porch Club 20: Nigella Is Somebody’s Something

This week, Elizabeth and Sarah tackle questions of creativity and artistry, and the obligation of the artist to drink deep from life. Plus, #PorchClubQs on building a maximum-security joy vault, loving black jelly beans, shrugging off creative slumps, and how Nigella Lawson is a dirty liar.

Porch Club 19: We Need Splashback Scientists

Elizabeth and Sarah take a week off as Vinton and Alastair take over the porch to discuss masculinity, male role models, being physical, the intersection of gender and sexuality, how good Elizabeth’s Old Fashioneds are, and what they love most about Porch Club!

Porch Club 17: Brushing Fingers With Racy

Sarah is forming a terrible habit of using the best joke in the episode as the title. Ah, well. This week, Elizabeth and Sarah read letters they've written to themselves. Topics of discussion: defining yourself, spring wardrobes, Ulta and Sephora are different,...

Porch Club 16: Microwaved Bone Luge

This week on Porch Club, Liz and Sarah are joined by special guest and fellow OddWonk Leslie Schipa! The three talk about having a gypsy soul (or a sedentary soul in Sarah’s case). Topics of conversation: clubbing on the porch, Ty Beanie Baby Captain America, Curtis and Craig, #PorchCorsets, and microwaving bone marrow.

Porch Club 15: Splankna and Spirits (Or: Bowels and Booze)

This week, Liz and Sarah have a serious discussion about faith, spirituality, and identity. It gets kind of heavy for a bit. Liz discusses church hurt, Christian mysticism, and says “noir” wrong twice. Sarah chats about uncertainty, not knowing who she is, and how God speaks to her through Disney films.

Porch Club 14: Everything Is A Social Construct

This week, Liz and Sarah talk freely about femininity, beauty and loveliness, personal value, and give lots of real lifestyle advice on their (kinda) lifestyle podcast! Thanks to our very special guest, Lily!

Slytherpuffs and Gryffinclaws

This week, Liz and Sarah give their first ever live Porch Club, sort lots of characters into their Hogwarts houses, discuss nicknames and nightmares, bad habits and breaking crystal, and completely lose control of the live chat.

Femininity, Class, And Punches

This week, Liz returns from New York City with stories of oysters, fancy theater adventures and OddWonk love.

Boys in the House

This week, Liz is on vacation in New York flirting with pirates.

A Rescue Mission (Kinda)

This week, Liz and Sarah are joined by special guests Vinton Bayne and Alastair Stephens.

Boundaries and Borders

Much to Sarah's horror, we finally tell The Borders Story this week while talking about good friendships and good boundaries. And since we had the week from hell, we asked for the most ridiculous #PorchClubQs you could throw at us, to amazing results. Also, this...

What Am Positive

Liz and Sarah are doing an actual "lifestyle" thing this week: how to be positive! In an extra surprise twist, Sarah took three pages of notes and spends most of this episode telling you how to cultivate an environment of optimism and positivity. Liz daydreams about...

Eulogy for 2016

Happy New Year! It's 2017, or as Sarah would say, Twenty-Sweven-Teen. But nobody else is saying that. This week, Liz talks about journaling, personal growth, holiday jam on pumpernickel rye, and determines alcoholic drinks for the five stages of grief. Sarah advises...

Moana (DPDM Special)

Liz and Sarah (and special guest Lily) finally went to see Moana! So this week, they're doing a very special Disney Princess Deathmatch episode of Porch Club! Will Moana blow all the other princesses out of the water? Support us on Patreon! (Help us go achieve our...

The Hypocrite’s Guide to Self-Care

Liz and Sarah give advice on self-care, with hilariously endearing results. Liz chats yoga, doughnut carapaces, ungodly amounts of tea, and how Scotch goes with Popcorn. Sarah discusses consuming mostly soda, Plant Nanny, rusty blood, and also is totally wrong about...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

A bunch of our stuff got stolen and it turns out relying on the kindness of internet strangers is the way to make it through the day. Liz talks gratitude, limousines, and yard work. Sarah talks depression, summer camp, and also she became the Pokemon Champion today so...

Dragons All the Way Down

We decided to do something a little more positive this week so you guys could have a bit of a break from all the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Liz talks about feeling powerful in your own skin, how to waken the dead things of the universe into life, the value in...

Spoiler Alert: We Don’t Sing at the End

This week, Liz and Sarah discuss Waitress the Musical. Liz chats about kids and family and finding herself, Sarah talks about exes and parents and falls into several swear-word spirals. Support us on Patreon! (Help us buy gas money since we're both using Sarah's...

Who Gets the Podcast in the Divorce?

Welcome to our first-ever Porch Club podcast! We're just as surprised as you, considering that we had a totally different title initially. But we're happier with this one. In this inaugural episode, Liz talks about therapy and divorce and her runaway dog. Sarah talks...