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Common Room Live: August 2017

This month, the Excelsior team take over CRR Live to talk about comics, movies and all your favorite characters!

Excelsior: The Fourth Gag Reel

Usually, the Excelsior heroes are polished podcast professionals; occasionally, they get distracted by the secret identities of our favorite heroes, John Slatersly, outright profanity, distracting boobies and Vinton beatboxing! Enjoy these cut clips from episodes fourteen through seventeen of Excelsior!

Common Room Live: July 2017

The weather is hot but the drinks are cold! Join Sarah and Elizabeth this evening for a special Common Room Live in which we test our trivia knowledge and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Boy Who Lived!

Excelsior: The Third Gag Reel

Usually, the Excelsior heroes are polished podcast professionals; occasionally, they get distracted by secret contracts, Sarah being naked, pronunciation and more! Enjoy these cut clips from episodes eleven through thirteen of Excelsior!

Excelsior: The Second Gag Reel

Whisky, audition lists, mispronouncing vibranium, and Ice Cream Batman. Enjoy these cut clips from episodes seven through ten of Excelsior!

Excelsior: The First Gag Reel

Usually, the Excelsior heroes are polished podcast professionals; occasionally, they get distracted by stupid jokes, Archer references, the McElroys and how bubbly their chi is. Enjoy these cut clips from the first six episodes of the show, and you’re welcome!

Porch Club Live: Marry, Bug, Kill

Join Elizabeth and Sarah as they make good on some rash promises, play a game which *definitely* won’t get out of hand, and then answer your #PorchClubQs!

Moana: The Common Room Commentary Track!

This month, we have a special treat for all our patronuses — a commentary track for our favorite Disney movie ever, Moana! Join Elizabeth, Sarah and special guest Lily as we discuss heroes and heroism, wayfinding and the oceans, and how much we love Hei-Hei!

Porch Club Live!

For the first time ever, Porch Club with Liz And Sarah will be broadcast live on the internet!

Ask Fathoms Deep: NY Edition

The ladies met in New York for Liz’s first New York adventure. We had fun with friends from Twitter, ate shawarma, saw The Present on Broadway, and had our Jack Rackham dreams come true having after-play drinks with Toby Schmitz

Mighty Fine Shindig: Gag Reel 7-10

The winter months are hard, you guys, which is why you get to listen to us cough, sneeze, and snort our way through these bloopers.

Ask Fathoms Deep

You asked and the Fathoms Deep ladies answered. Liz and Daphne were actually in the same city for this because we had just celebrated Sarah’s beautiful wedding. We can’t promise we hadn’t been drinking all weekend, but we did have fun with your questions!

The Late Late Show With OMO

When will we ever figure out what we actually call these secret shows? Why can’t we just call it the secret show? Oh well. In this Patreon-exclusive, Sarah, Liz, Alan, and Producer Randy watch the cult classic Ghostbusters in honor of friend and Patronus of the show Jeff! Thanks, Jeff!

CRR Exclusive: Fairy Tales

This month, Patronus Leenie got to pick the topic: fairy tales! Join Alan, Liz, and Sarah as they discuss what a fairy tale (generally) is exactly, share their favorite fairy tales, and even improv their very own fairy tale dedicated to the OddWonk community!

CRR Exclusive: Rocky

This month, Patronus Emily chose for us to watch the American classic Rocky! Sarah and Liz had never seen it, and Alan had seen it only once in his childhood. So how did they like it? Click here to find out!

CRR Exclusive: Hamilton

This month, the OMO team discusses the hit musical/album/cultural phenomenon Hamilton!