FD 68: Black Sails & Literature with Natasha Simonova

This week on Fathoms Deep, Daphne chats with Natasha Simonova, a Fellow and Lecturer in English Literature at Exeter College, University of Oxford. We discuss the books within the story of Black Sails, other books of the period, and the fact that Thomas Hamilton’s favorite color was absolutely and undoubtably Blue.

FD 66: Fathoms Deep Live with Zach McGowan at Dragon Con

This week on Fathoms Deep, nothing like rum at 11:30am with a Proper Pirate. The ladies went to Dragon Con and Zach spoke to us about who Charles was to him, gave us lessons on how to radio, and many a potential hashtag was born (but no pirate babies) #WhosYourPirateDaddy #EveryoneDoZachMcGowan

FD 65: Fathoms Deep Listener Q&A

This week on Fathoms Deep, we had listeners ask the questions. We discussed what we would do and who we would be in the world of Black Sails, the perfect pirate dinner party, and our amazing experiences podcasting about this beautiful story. Thank you to all of our listeners. Enjoy a peek behind our curtain.

Porch Club 24: Umbrella in a Sh*tstorm

This week, Elizabeth and Sarah discuss how best to survive the absolute worst life throws at you. Topics of conversation: Elizabeth has forgotten how to shower, a GJ Corban naming competition, Sarah makes a moniker mistake, strowborry body botter, and seriously, you guys, hand-written cards are important.

FD 57: The Super Black Sails Round Table

This week on Fathoms Deep, we have all the guests. The ladies are joined by Alastair Stephens, Lauren Sarner, and Andrew Dyce to discuss themes from all 4 seasons of Black Sails and it was a whole lot of fun….. as in the what does Black Sails have to say about the nature of Darkness kind of fun.

Excelsior Issue 4: Saga, Vol. 1

This week, our heroes discuss the first volume the epic Saga by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples, as well as depictions of childbirth in fiction, Whedonic dialogue, wooden rocketships and robot sex.

FD 56: Black Sails Season 4 Wrap with Lauren Sarner

This week on Fathoms Deep, our last season wrap with Lauren. We manage somehow not to talk about Silver the whole time… We also discuss Flint’s speech, how the Creators outdid our best fan fic ideas, and whether Jack and Silver became pen pals after the last episode.

Porch Club 20: Nigella Is Somebody’s Something

This week, Elizabeth and Sarah tackle questions of creativity and artistry, and the obligation of the artist to drink deep from life. Plus, #PorchClubQs on building a maximum-security joy vault, loving black jelly beans, shrugging off creative slumps, and how Nigella Lawson is a dirty liar.

Porch Club 19: We Need Splashback Scientists

Elizabeth and Sarah take a week off as Vinton and Alastair take over the porch to discuss masculinity, male role models, being physical, the intersection of gender and sexuality, how good Elizabeth’s Old Fashioneds are, and what they love most about Porch Club!

FD 54: Episode XXXVIII

This week on Fathoms Deep, the most beautiful ending Proper Podcasters could hope for. We discuss truth and stories and oars and shovels and dragons….. and we have a special (drunken) pirate name session with two of our favorites from Black Sails.

FD 52: Episode XXXVII

This week on Fathoms Deep, we discuss things falling apart but with really beautiful lighting and sound effects. Searching for humor here…. blink blink blink, Featherstone – that’s all we’ve got.

Excelsior Issue 0: Excelsior!

Sarah, Alastair, and Vinton are finally doing a superhero podcast! They are excited to introduce themselves and their plans in this introductory episode of Excelsior. New episodes drop every Sunday!

Porch Club 17: Brushing Fingers With Racy

Sarah is forming a terrible habit of using the best joke in the episode as the title. Ah, well. This week, Elizabeth and Sarah read letters they've written to themselves. Topics of discussion: defining yourself, spring wardrobes, Ulta and Sephora are different,...

FD 51: Interview With Lukas Ettlin

Special Episode – We had Lukas Ettlin back for a second chat about shooting epic ship battles, blowing up Nassau, how much air Luke Arnold really needs underwater, and embroidery?
Lukas is a cinematographer, director and producer on Black Sails. His expertise is clearly broad and overreaching. And there may be mention of a goat – seems to have become a theme for us

FD 50: Episode XXXVI

This week on Fathoms Deep: In which Daphne only sort of breaks her vow not to make predictions and Liz dreams of a living in a house boat on Skeleton Island.
Also, all hail Idele – defender of friends and slicer of bread.

Porch Club 16: Microwaved Bone Luge

This week on Porch Club, Liz and Sarah are joined by special guest and fellow OddWonk Leslie Schipa! The three talk about having a gypsy soul (or a sedentary soul in Sarah’s case). Topics of conversation: clubbing on the porch, Ty Beanie Baby Captain America, Curtis and Craig, #PorchCorsets, and microwaving bone marrow.

FD 49: Interview with Hannah New

The ladies had a nice long chat with Hannah about Eleanor Guthrie, Hangry Pirates, and our dream of a choose your own adventure book about Eleanor written by Toby Schmitz.
Prepare yourselves to maybe feel something for Eleanor as Daphne always has…

FD 48: Episode XXXV

This week on Fathoms Deep, we go to Philadelphia to have a giant and well deserved dose of Jack Rackham to heal our broken hearts. Pirate Groupies 4 ever.
Also, Grandma Guthrie is killer and we are in love.

Porch Club 15: Splankna and Spirits (Or: Bowels and Booze)

This week, Liz and Sarah have a serious discussion about faith, spirituality, and identity. It gets kind of heavy for a bit. Liz discusses church hurt, Christian mysticism, and says “noir” wrong twice. Sarah chats about uncertainty, not knowing who she is, and how God speaks to her through Disney films.

FD 47: Interview with Tom Hopper

In which we discover (to no one’s surprise) that Tom Hopper is delightful
We discuss the Black Sails Cinnamon Roll Quotient, Billy’s Inner Darkness, and the Walrus crew love triangle…. no, not that one.

FD 45: Interview with Zach McGowan

Special Episode – In which we visit (virtually) with Zach McGowan, talk Black Sails, go for a beer run, and he shows us his sword… Also, his Zach McGowan impression is almost as good as that of Toby Schmitz.

FD 44: Interview With Zethu Dlomo

Daphne managed to keep her cool (more or less) in the presence of royalty. We discuss the looks Madi gives pirates, tethers and love, and how inviting someone as big as Billy in can rock the boat…. And also, the looks Madi gives pirates, because seriously.

FD 43: Episode XXXIII

This week on Fathoms Deep, we ask if we would be enough and then maybe get slapped around some for thinking out loud.... We will busy ourselves seeming unconcerned from now on. You can buy Fathoms Deep jewelry!  www.daphneolive.com/fathomsdeep Leave us a message!...

Slytherpuffs and Gryffinclaws

This week, Liz and Sarah give their first ever live Porch Club, sort lots of characters into their Hogwarts houses, discuss nicknames and nightmares, bad habits and breaking crystal, and completely lose control of the live chat.

FD 42: Episode XXXII

This week on Fathoms Deep, we discuss how everyone should just listen to the women already, Billy the surly teen, and how Flint and Silver plan to parent the shit out of Nassau…. until Flint has other plans.