FD 68: Black Sails & Literature with Natasha Simonova

This week on Fathoms Deep, Daphne chats with Natasha Simonova, a Fellow and Lecturer in English Literature at Exeter College, University of Oxford. We discuss the books within the story of Black Sails, other books of the period, and the fact that Thomas Hamilton’s favorite color was absolutely and undoubtably Blue.

FD 66: Fathoms Deep Live with Zach McGowan at Dragon Con

This week on Fathoms Deep, nothing like rum at 11:30am with a Proper Pirate. The ladies went to Dragon Con and Zach spoke to us about who Charles was to him, gave us lessons on how to radio, and many a potential hashtag was born (but no pirate babies) #WhosYourPirateDaddy #EveryoneDoZachMcGowan

FD 65: Fathoms Deep Listener Q&A

This week on Fathoms Deep, we had listeners ask the questions. We discussed what we would do and who we would be in the world of Black Sails, the perfect pirate dinner party, and our amazing experiences podcasting about this beautiful story. Thank you to all of our listeners. Enjoy a peek behind our curtain.

Porch Club 24: Umbrella in a Sh*tstorm

This week, Elizabeth and Sarah discuss how best to survive the absolute worst life throws at you. Topics of conversation: Elizabeth has forgotten how to shower, a GJ Corban naming competition, Sarah makes a moniker mistake, strowborry body botter, and seriously, you guys, hand-written cards are important.

FD 57: The Super Black Sails Round Table

This week on Fathoms Deep, we have all the guests. The ladies are joined by Alastair Stephens, Lauren Sarner, and Andrew Dyce to discuss themes from all 4 seasons of Black Sails and it was a whole lot of fun….. as in the what does Black Sails have to say about the nature of Darkness kind of fun.

Excelsior Issue 4: Saga, Vol. 1

This week, our heroes discuss the first volume the epic Saga by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples, as well as depictions of childbirth in fiction, Whedonic dialogue, wooden rocketships and robot sex.

FD 56: Black Sails Season 4 Wrap with Lauren Sarner

This week on Fathoms Deep, our last season wrap with Lauren. We manage somehow not to talk about Silver the whole time… We also discuss Flint’s speech, how the Creators outdid our best fan fic ideas, and whether Jack and Silver became pen pals after the last episode.