This week on Can I Just Say, we look back at Season 7 of Game of Thrones, in our excitement for Season 8. Kristine Kippins joins Daphne for a continuation of our Con of Thrones panel discussions and a preview for our 2019 panel. We discuss Being the Dragon, leadership styes, bending knees, and who will bring the balance of The Force to Westeros (if anyone can)

You can find Kristine here @kippinsk
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CIJS 17: The Sisters Stark
We didn’t have time to ask ourselves the fab questions from the Insider piece by Kim Renfro. We would love to hear your answers!

Here are the journalists we mentioned. Find them. Listen to them. Read them:
Lauren Sarner @LaurenSarner
Kim Renfro @kimrrenfro
Michelle Jaworski @michejaw
Lindsey Romain @lindseyromain
Joanna Robinson @jowrotethis
Dave Gonzales @Da7e
Neil Miller @rejects
And you can listen to the podcast Your Watch Begins here

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