Special Episode: Dispatches from Con of Thrones – a series of podcasts of Daphne’s panels at the Con. This one is from the Queendom of Thrones: Women in Game of Thrones panel with Lauren Sarner, Kim Renfro, and Kristine Kippins where we talk about our favorite characters, sexposition, and costuming as female transformation.
Stay tuned for more panels to be posted soon!

Lauren Sarner is a entertainment journalist who writes about TV for The New York Post https://nypost.com/author/lauren-sarner/
and @LaurenSarner on twitter.

Kim Renfro is a senior reporter for INSIDER thisisinsider.com/author/kim-ren
and @KimRenfro on twitter.

Kristine Kippins is a non-profit constitutional lawyer who is obsessed with Game of Thrones
and @kippinsk on twitter.

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